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is there a difference between different gas stations?

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I'm kind of curiuos... u know cause of the rise in gas prices and all. Is there a real difference between 76/mobil/chevron/arco/shell/texaco/costco/thrifty gas/bob's gas station/etc....

Cause I never fueled anywhere but Mobil, simply because of habit. But I found Arco is like more than 10 cents cheaper..

:mad: :dunno
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gas is gas. I've never been brand loyal with gas whoever is cheaper.
The gas is the same, but the additives vary by brand.
Some gas stations will water down their gas with alcohol or whatever it is they add to gas. It's not just the shady ones. Sometimes it's the big brand ones. It all depends on the station's owner.
Wolf said:
The gas is the same, but the additives vary by brand.

+1 to Wolf...I saw a show on the History Channel about gasoline and they talked about this.
The Government regulates that all gas sold in the U.S. be the same octane, 82, 87, 93.
+2 on what Wolf said about the "additives".
My grandfather worked at the Exxon refinery in Baytown, Texas, and he said that Shell and Texaco trucks would fill up there all the time. The additives are apparently about a thimble full in each truck.
whichever is cheaper. However, I wouldn't pull into one of those crappy old-ass stations
Filip75 is correct, but he has not explained WHY. Bascially I stay away from discount places as there are problems with their fuel. Same with older stations & again same reason. True they get it from the same petrol tankers we see on the hwys, but often the discout places are sometimes a bit shaddy & have some diesel mixed in with regular fuel. How they do this I do not know, but it has been found out by inspectors after a lot of checking which might take a number of yrs.

Above all is that so many of them have underground tanks that are leaking out fuel & sucking in underground waters. When inspected then they have to change, but sometimes it is still above the level of needing to be changed to all new underground tanks.

You can sport the safer ones due to all new & modern pumps, obviously new asphalt & often the building is new. As for what make they sell I never worry only I will not touch anything that is with a grain or corn touch in it & you have some places in the States that sell this less costly petrol though it is well marked--------after all it will ruin a modern m/c..
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I have never ben able to tel the diffrence unless I get gas with alcohol in it. It is turu that many of the diffrent sellers use the same gas form the same refinerys. In fact some times you will see the same truck shippng fule to diffrent companys is amaco and some no name place. There are some diffrences from time to time though some states such as colorado have some funky laws with gas and if you get gas from a place that also supplys gas to colarado you might get that funky gas. If you jet your bike it would be good to get your gas mainly from one company or better yet one station to avoid this not that is a big diffrence.

The old problem of bad gas from leaky tanks is going away with the new EPA regs from a couple years back may stations went out of buisness because they could not upgrade there tanks to regs as to leaking etc so nearly everyone has good tanks now not that it doesnt prevent them from using ethinol gas or some of those green frendly additives that only hurt bikes unless tuned for it. The green gas is also bad on your seals so avoid it if you can.
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Punctuation is your friend.
JESTER600 said:
gas is gas, i have gas
Gas is gas, and I have gas too. BTW. Your avatar is the "shocker". haha
V V V said:
Gas is gas, and I have gas too. BTW. Your avatar is the "shocker". haha

Anyways, I try o fill up at BP stations only.
IMO........gas is gas.....if my light is on then it is the nearest station! :)
hm.... then why are so many of the prices different? lol... wierd.. wonder how they stay in business.. :dunno
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