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Iphone to PC music transfer?

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I just lost the data on my PC. Is there a way to transfer my music from my Iphone back to my PC?
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I'm pretty sure syncing an iPhone to an empty iTunes library will wipe the iPhone clean - exactly what he doesn't want to do. One of the many, many reasons I abhor iTunes.

Look for a program called TouchCopy from Wide Angle Software, it'll copy songs, videos and photos off an iPod/iPhone with ease.
Not sure how much the Touch Copy program costs, but it worked great the one time I needed to use it. I have no problem paying for software if it's something I'll use, but most of these little utilities are junk. I don't even remember how many DVD to iPod converters I tried before buying PQ DVD. All the others were complete garbage.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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