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Installing an accessory plug in on a bike?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever installed one of those "cigarette lighter type" of plug-ins on their bike? You know the ones that you plug your cell phone or charger into. I was looking at installing it in the tail section trunk space.

I'll be boing to Sturgis in a couple weeks, and I was thinking if I install one of these. Then while I'm out riding around I can have my digital camera or cell phone charging in my trunk. Last year when I went, I really had to conserve the battery life on my digital camera, even with two batteries, and I didn't get to take all the pics that I wanted to. Just looking for a solution.
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i dont mean to go O/T here, but is the sturgis crowd receptive to sportbike enthusiasts? ive alwasy thought of sturgis as fat bearded guys on big stinkin hogs. :)
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