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Hi all,

Newbie here saying hey and opening with a question. :)

I'm hoping to get some input on buying a used bike. My neighbor (motorcycle mechanic) has a bike I might want to buy. It's a 1996 CBR900RR with unknown history that he acquired with plans to fix up and sell- a side business of his.

It's not pretty, but he's given it a good once over and said it's a nice solid bike. I only want it for recreational riding and maybe a few weekends a year to go out with my wife, so it won't see a lot of use. While I would love a newer bike (see below about my trade post), the price seems right for this bike and I trust his opinion.

It's got some upgrades (none of which really matter to me, but for reference): upgraded triple clamp, some sort of rebound(?) adjustment on top of the front forks, exhaust, jet kit, steering dampener.

It's also got a new chain, sprockets, front and rear tire are relatively new and he replaced the front wheel bearing(s) and fork seals. Mileage is approx 40,000. He seems to think it's got less because of how well the motor runs, but perhaps it's been rebuilt or perhaps it means nothing. He says it's VERY fast and runs really well. It looks to me like someone had some serious fun with this and retired it. No major damage that can be seen from his inspection. Just well used...

While I've ridden on and off my whole life (40 y/o)- my last bike was a 1992 GSX-R750 that I loved every bit of for all of the 5 years I had it- I'm hoping to get opinions on buying a 12 year old CBR. I understand this will be significantly faster than my 750, which is ok because at the time, I was considering upgrading to a larger bike. He will sell it to me for about $3000.

I also will be posting about possibly trading my 350z for a bike + cash in another part of the forum which would affect this purchase should someone want to work out a deal.

Sorry for the long first post. Any advice is appreciated.

All the best. :cheers

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Get it, and never get rid of it.

they are a long lost piece of art in today's motorcycling world.

Buy it now!
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