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Specifically for the Ducati Streetfighter, but I don't think the 848, 1098 or 1198 are much, if any different.

Compared to the write up below, I did a few things differently.
I ordered my LEDs on ebay
Cost $7:
4X Amber 24cm LED 12V Waterproof PVC Flexible Strip Neon Car Light 074 | eBay

And I did not end up using resistors, the flash rate isn't too fast, although it does decide to change up its pace on its own. I can deal with that.

Parts needed
LED strips
Heavy duty outdoor 3M double sided tape
Razor blade for cutting the tape (I did this with scissors, and my god, it was a PITA)
Fishing line - get the black stuff if you can, clear is slightly noticeable
Stuff for cutting and soldering wires
Zip ties

I'm going to quote forum member Jmoth79, since credit goes to him for the write up and photos.
I'm just trying to spread the word, his write up is extremely difficult to find every time I've searched for it.

You'll need 4 strips; a pair of 12 bulb and a pair of 24 bulb. Radiantz LED Lighting

You can cut them every 3 bulbs. 2 strips need to be cut at 18, fastened together with zip ties. They seem to fit the shape of the vent screen rather well.

I fastened the pairs of strips to the vents with black fishing line.

You'll need to wire in resistors to slow the flashing. I used an extra pair that came with some rizoma signals. I wrapped the resistors in heavy duty aluminum foil and velcro to mount the resistors inside the tail.

Zip-tied and mounted resistors to the existing velcro originally used to mount the tool kit. Vent screen/LED assembly mounted using heavy duty 3M double-sided tape.
A few things not mentioned that you should do:
Back the LED strips with the double sided tape, gives it a black backround, it should help keep the light directed outward, and makes it easier to work with.

I spent more time researching what knot to use to tie it to the damn vent, and then learning how to tie that knot, than I did on anything else in this project lol.
I used a double constrictor knot:
Constrictor knot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Where the first loop is through the screen, and then the 2 other loops go around the LED strip. Seems to hold it in place perfectly without being visible. Then I just put a basic knot on top of it to keep it from unwinding at all.

Also, the connectors for the signals are the same, so it doesn't matter which turn signals connector you use.
If you go with the LED's I did, the copper color goes to Red, silver to White.
Both wires are Black after the connection, so keep that in mind for which is going to which. Use this photo

Lastly, the tape keeping those screens on is a bitch. Get as much of the gunk off as possible.
When reapplying, you're looking to sandwich the screen between 2 pieces of the tape.

If anyone takes a stab at this and has any questions, fire away.
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