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In need of help

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Ok Folks, Daytona just gave a evacuation order. Going to close the bridges on Thurs. or Fri.

As most people know...SicFlgrilR6 lives there and I am going to take my trailer up there and help load up some things for her family tomorrow night.

For those that don't know, she lives just south of Daytona on an Island.

Anybody that has some free time to come help will be appreciated.

Let's hope this one goes on North a little more.
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Courtney, I'n so sorry I can't make it up there to help I have a truck readily available to me but there is no way I can get the time off for work right now. If you need anything at all you let me know. I can even baby sit your doggie if need be (sorry can't do cats, b/f is highly allergic) I'll PM you my # give me a call for anything ok.

My thoughts and prayers are with you
I wish my doggie was nice, shes kinda only nice to me, Jer and my parents... Thanks so much for the offer chickie if she was a little nicer to strangers I'd let her entertain you for the weekend, Pussy Posse watching out for eachother :D. Naughty, I still don't have another Barbie yet :(, but I'll let you ride my bike around the block before we load it up :).
Wish I could help you out. I am about 65 miles west of you in Ocala. I was going to offer to put your bikes in my house, but it looks like you found a place for them. I was going to ride out tomorrow evening to help you but it looks like that would be too late. I have no idea how you must feel, but I am taking this storm seriously and I am inland. Best luck to you and your family! Let us know how you make out.

Cort...whatever I can do to help I will!! I can do the kitties, since I have 2 of my own if you need a place for them...if you need room to put more stuff--I also have half of a garage you can put bikes or boxes or whatever that you may need!!

Call me if you and your family need anything!!!!!! I won't post my cell on here but you should have it and if you don't PM me and I 'll get it to you.

My prayers are with you and your family and your home :(
Well what can I say, its 1:58am and Kenny, Nick, and Dalton have just left our house to head back to the west coast. One word to sum these guys up would be AMAZING. We asked Kenny if he could stop by the Home Depot in Polk County to get 2 sheets of 1/2" plywood for us because we thought they would have some more wood over there and it wouldn't be crowded. Boy were we wrong, but you know what they did, Kenny, Nick, and Dalton stood in line for over an hour to get us 2 sheets of plywood!!! Now that is what I call "family". I don't know if I could ever repay such a huge favor, they worked hard to help my dad finish boarding up all of the sliding glass doors and glass doors, helped load the bikes up, helped my dad box and take down all of his fathers paintings and memoirbilia. These guys must have walked the 2 sets of stairs easily over 30 times hauling wood and tools up and downstairs. Words cannot express how much it meant to my family, hopefully when we come to PC tomorrow we will all be able to meet up and go out to dinner.
Thanks again guys from the bottom of our hearts,
Courtney, Brad, Sheri, and Kyle
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RSixxygrl said:
Cort...whatever I can do to help I will!! I can do the kitties, since I have 2 of my own if you need a place for them...if you need room to put more stuff--I also have half of a garage you can put bikes or boxes or whatever that you may need!!

Call me if you and your family need anything!!!!!! I won't post my cell on here but you should have it and if you don't PM me and I 'll get it to you.

My prayers are with you and your family and your home :(
Thank you guys so much for the offers, its really good to know you all are here to help a rider in need. So far we have the bikes and boxes in Kenny's enclosed trailer so I hope that takes care of everything. We will be rolling out of here tomorrow and heading for you guys. Hope everyone is ready this thing is so unpredictible its scarey...
Take care all,
Sure as shit, I move from Tampa to St. Augustine and my new place will probably be leveled. Hopefully my girl gets the hell outta there. As for me, I'm over in the sandbox, not a drop of water since I can remember. I hope to come back to something resembling a home. Hopefully the f#cker heads back out to sea, but not likely. Take care ladies and gents.
Anytime Courtney.. Was a pleasure to have Met you and your Family. Im jus a firm beliver in the Golden Rule.. :)
No problem Courtney. I enjoyed helping out. What sucks though is now it looks like you headed straight for its direct path. Polk looks to get hammered once again.
Wish I could've been there to help Court.
Just saw this thread but was tied up with work and gettin my truck fixed as well.
Hopefully u all got settled in good.

Man, these F*#kers at work want me to work this Sat. Can ya believe that :angry . Dont think thats gona happen though, at least my ars aint goin in when the wind starts blowin hard.

Hope the house doesnt get hit that bad girl.

STO, u should've kept yo ars in Tampa bro :lol . Hope everything works out for you 2 as well. Did u get activated?

Way to go guys, good lookin out. My hats off to ya's
I tell you guy's and gals something.

It sure was one hell of a long night. I got home at 0430, took a nap and still made it to work at 0700. One hell of a long day...worked through lunch and ended up staying until 1830 for a total of 11.5 hours today...damn I'm tired.

But I always say that if any of my friends ever need anything to hollar and I will be there. Court. Hopefully the house will make it..we all need a place to stay for Bike Week..
:lol Kenny I love how you always find something to make me giggle. Biketoberfest is going to be a bitch if Daytona Beach is gone :D... Humor sorta makes me feel better during tough times, well since it looks like the "path of destruction" for the time being has turned towards Orange County, Polk County and so on we will be going to Georgia to stay. We found this place called Hometowne Suites the places there are really nice and really $$$, but its the only place that will take pets... And any of you who know me know I won't leave my puppy and my kitties behind, they are my babies :). I hope you all fare well in the storm, it should be a cat 1 by the time it reaches Polk County since it is moving so slow... I know any kind of storm is the last thing you guys need, but I hope you all come out of this ok, you're all in my family's thoughts and prayers.
Love you all,
But I am still up and going....probably still won't get to bed until midnight.

Trailer is going to a safer place tomorrow away from the storm...I hope
Gees Kenny how many No Doz did you take:lol??? Well I know the trailer and you will both be fine :)!
Good luck in GA Courtney. I'm with ya on the long day and night Kenny. I got an extra hour or so though of sleep. :twofinger
You guys rock!!! Please take care of yourselves during the sotrm so we can all party harty in the future together :lol. Winds are supposed to be 95mph when it rolls through Polk County so I better not hear of anyone getting hurt doing something stupid at the party! And yes Lenny that goes for you too :D!!!
Take care you guys :),
Yee haw.. Be safe everyone.. I think im gonna camp out in the car in a parking garage.. :)
You better seek some shelter mister!!!
Ok all me, my family, our 4 cats and 1 dog have just arrived in SOUTH CAROLINA! We were supposed to just go to Kingsland GA, but this morning they called us and told us the reservations fell through. We are about 40 miles north of Savannah, which is great for us since we love Savannah GA it will give us time to go down there and get our minds off this storm. Thank God the hotel is amazing, we are staying in 2 suites at the Holiday Inn Express, they are sooooo nice and they take pets :). Helps to have some where nice to stay when you are under so much stress. If anyone is still trying to get out of town there is pleanty of room here at this hotel. There are a lot of people here from FL, everyone is so personable, its great. It was havoc in FL everyone fighting and cussing at one-another out, but these people uphere are so friendly, I think they are just happy to finally be out of harms way. We had almost no traffic coming out here it was about a 4 1/2 hour drive with two "wee-wee" stops for the doggie, having no traffic was AWESOME. I hope you all do fine during this storm, its going to be a long one, we will be here until Tuesday and then if we hear everything is clear we will be coming back down.
Keep safe and take care you guys,
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