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In need of help

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Ok Folks, Daytona just gave a evacuation order. Going to close the bridges on Thurs. or Fri.

As most people know...SicFlgrilR6 lives there and I am going to take my trailer up there and help load up some things for her family tomorrow night.

For those that don't know, she lives just south of Daytona on an Island.

Anybody that has some free time to come help will be appreciated.

Let's hope this one goes on North a little more.
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When ya leaving? When ya thinking we will get back? I'm always into helping people out. Especially with this going on.
What time do you get off work? I get off at five. I could try to get off earlier. I would need to try and work thursday some though...even if I'm late.
I'll have to try and clear everything with work. Give me an approximate time of heading out. I'll meet ya wherever. I'm not far from Bill Heard either depending on when ya pick up the truck.
Cortney..... I've Never met you nor your family. You sound like you all are as good as people as Kenny says you are. It also seems as though most people here on SBN are decent people. That is why I love this site. I just got off the phone with Kenny. I told him I will help anyway I can. Even if I can't stay over there for long I will just ride my bike over there behind Kenny. I wish I had a truck that is worthy of making the trip but all I have is my bike and my Elantra. I have some garage space if you need it for your bikes or anything else you may need to put in it. That offer goes out to anyone that needs it until it is filled up.
Ride one of the bikes over. Or do you have a car you have to drive too? I'd be more than willing to ride one back. :D I am going with kenny tonight though. See ya in a few
I'm watching too then! Alright. If Kenny can cram your bikes in the trailor I'll leave my gear since i dont get to ride one back :mad: HA HA.... Did you ever get a new barbie? If so she is riding with me on the way back :leghump
No problem Courtney. I enjoyed helping out. What sucks though is now it looks like you headed straight for its direct path. Polk looks to get hammered once again.
Good luck in GA Courtney. I'm with ya on the long day and night Kenny. I got an extra hour or so though of sleep. :twofinger
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