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Team No Limit Racing, Inc. Office Burglarized

We at Team No Limit Racing, Inc., following a scheduled Board meeting feel
the activity against our Domestic, Non-Profit Organization must be told.
On or about Tuesday, 7 MAR 2006, our main office was compromised through
an act of vandalism and burglary. This activity just happens to be the
most concerning of acts against our organization over the previous 20
months. All 2006 Sponsors and Contributors may want to follow-up with your
financial institutions to safeguard any breaches of your personal or
business information we have on file.

During this period of time, we have had programs and intellectual property
stolen, team members harrassed, followed, gps tracked, stalked,
laser-pointed in public (bike night in Riverside), copyrighted and marked
corporate logos and designs taken, disruprted during the course of
providing services to the general public and attempts against our
organization and staff members related to identity theft. Including an
incident where the Founder and the Vice Executive Director were nearly
rear-ended and ran off the road by the driver of a black in color import
sport coupe in Bloomington, CA., 2005. This incident was reported to the
Riverside FBI office to an intake agent whom was handling a previous
complaint filed by Team No Limit Racing, Inc..

We have concerns that this activity is either being encouraged, directly
or indirectly by those within or closely related to our own motorcycle
industry. If any one has any information regarding the persons directly or
indirectly involved and responsible for this activity please contact the
appropriate law enforcement authorities or Team No Limit Racing, Inc.
through US Postal Mail to the address listed below.

Thank You & God Bless,

Team No Limit Racing, Inc.
Organization Officers & Members

Xtreme Machine Riders' Alliance
P.O. BOX 1012
Fontana, CA 92334-1012
(909)8 2WHEEL (829-4335)

"Track vs. Street Team of Team No Limit Racing, Inc"
"A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization"
USPTO Servicemark 2708310, CA Registered
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