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I STRONGLY recommend getting some good boots ASAP. I've had my 400+ lb bike crash down on my ankle and walked away from it without so much as a bruise thanks to the boots I had.

You sound just like me when I first got my bike. (2002 YZF600R) I'd ride from 9 am until sunset every day. I'd go and stop by my mom's house (about half an hour away), stay about 5 mins, get bored, and then go visit my dad. (half an hour in the OPPOSITE direction from my house, so about an hour total distance.) I'd stay there for 5 mins, get bored, get back on and go somewhere else. Every time I'd end up at home I'd sit down and my helmet would just kind of taunt me... so I'd get up, put my gear back on, and go riding again. 4000 miles later, I'm not quite THAT bad anymore, but I'm still close. In the last week I've put on 300 miles. :)
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