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I think that'll get debunked along with 'cell phones cause brain tumors'.

Urban legend doesn't die though. Just last night I read in a local paper about a guy's cell phone setting off gas at a gas station. Mythbusters killed that one off on TLC awhile ago, didn't they?

Whether it's true of not, I'll bet the cell phone/pud story becomes legend.

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Everything seems to cause cancer these days...the onlly thing you can do now is get on your bike and ride.

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TheSollyLama said:
Mythbusters killed that one off on TLC awhile ago, didn't they?


They're wrong every now and again too. Taking what 2 bald goofballs that still live with their mothers as fact/truth is just about as dumb as buying into all the urban legends.

They've been successful at debunking quite a few myths...but too many variables and degrees to say that they have without a doubt debunked ALL they've tried on that show.

Still...whoever STARTS these scare tactics/urban legends really need to get laid

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Yea, i dunno about alot of the shit im hearing about. I don't understand who sits around and decides to run these tests. Some of them are way out there, pretty entertaining :D

With new technology comming out all the time im sure it won't end. People will run all kinds of crazy experiments. Unless it's effecting a whole bunch of people, i usually don't pay attention to it. Just because it effects one person dosn't mean it will effect everyone else.

I just seen this and wanted to get everyones else's opinion. We pretty much all feel the same way :D
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