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I'm selling a ICS rotary steering damper(same as scotts)...It will fit a scotts mounting kit.....It had a leak when I purchased it...I sent it back to ICS, and they rebuilt it for free.... It has never been used since it was rebuilt.... ICS has a lifetime warrenty on their dampers..

I dont have a mounting kit. However, I do have a couple of piecxes left over from a 99-00 r6 mounting kit I will throw in if needed.. I have the bracket that holds the pin, and the ring that goes over the steering will be responsible for getting a steering nut, and the pin. It would then be complete

The damper is %100 new condition....

I will post pics later of ther is a site that sells them online

Retail $379+shipping (

Asking $275 +shipping ( I will include the spare mounting parts I have)
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