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superbiker said:
I have been looking to buy a tank bag and this one is the one I am leaning towards. I want something that can go mobile with a backpack and I like the helmet carrying feature a lot.

How do you like it?

Long term wear issues?

Does it attach well to the tank?

How much does it hold?

What did you pay for yours and where did you get it?

Any other comments?

Thanks in advance
I like it alot. I have had it for over a year and still looks brand new. It has 4 magnets at the corners to hold it down and I haven't had problems with it even moving. It has a strap to wrap around the neck of the bike just in case but I like to ride with it turned around the other way. Holds alot of stuff. It will even hold a helmet if you want to carry an extra around for the passenger. I don't remeber what I paid for it but Slava from flatout will probably give you the hook up. Look in the vendor section or the links at the top of the page for flatout. You might try kneedraggers and newenough also. I would make sure your take is nice a clean before you lay it on it because it does wiggle a little and could likely scratch the tank if its dirty.
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