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Question to owners who own's this jacket. Do you take out the plastic that covers the patches or leave it be. If you do take it down, how do you do it without accidentally slicing the patches and/or cut the thread?
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No man, I have one..... they stay on there, don't remove the plastic.
Thanks Jason, it's good that I asked this question. I almost took it out. :D
yeah you don't want to do that, cutting that would not be good because the patches would get really dirty.
Thanks guys, and by the way, do you have a secondary leather jacket or tex jacket as a backup or something to switch with? If you do, what kind do you suggest? What do you think about the Alpinestar Airflo? It's a little bit expensive, but I assume it's a good protection.
I have an Alpinestars SMX Airflo. You are right, it is expensive, but it's an AWESOME jacket. All the protection of full leather with armor and even hardened areas but with nearly the airflow of a mesh jacket. It is WELL worth the money!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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