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I have ridden my bf gix1k vs, my R1, and I have to admit, I prefer the R1 (not bias speaking here), I prefer the weight distribution, the seating, the handling. On the gix, I felt I was sitting up higher, not to mention the weight is distributed lower and it is mroe awkward for me get upright, I can do it, it is just more difficult. I also felt the handling wasn't as sensitive (for lack of a better word) as on the R1. I have a 00, a friend of mine has an 04, and on both bikes, I personally felt the front end was more sensitive and provided better feedback to me. Although my bf's gix will turn quick, and his wheelbase is short, I felt w/mine, I could turn it practically just by thinking of turning.

But that is just me and my .02. There is plenty of Gix love here and plenty of R1 love. Each person has their preference.
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