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I Think I Got A Short In My Wireing

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I put two brand new bulbs in last week and they are BLOWN AND I MEAN BLOWN wiith the glass shattered everywhere embedded into my tailight housing .so I Put two new ones in for my gap ride and they werked great until i just went out there to ride my bike and they were blown why would they werk every now and then and soimetimes not? why dont the blow instantly >?any help?
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Make sure that they are the correct wattage, I put new bulbs on mine (front)and had a wattage that was too high an blew my ignition wire and had to take it apart and re solder it.
I agree with kawagirl,a dead short would blow a fuse.
the rear break light swithc was hangin up i took it apart cleaned it up and its werking good now
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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