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Alright everyone... Ive been throwing around an idea for a while now that I truely feel will help the sportbike community as a whole!

Ive now decided to pursue this idea and open a website that will help everyone that just cant make up there mind on which exhaust setup to go with to get the sound that they want.

This is where you guys come in. While the website is not completed yet, Im starting to compile sound clips from exhaust setups (read more below).

Im not sure if Im allowed to advertise the sites name here, so I wont at this time (its not completed anyways) and most of you will be able to figure it out from the email address below anyways.

Alright so heres what I need:

Sound clips of anything and everything exhaust wise. Stock, drilled, cut, gutted, dumped, slip on, or full systems are perfect examples of what I need. If you have a sound clip or can easily make one using a digital camera or computer Mic, please do and then send them to the email address below.

In the email please include:

Year, make, and model of your bike. Details about your exhaust setup, and anything else that may be relavent to the sound your exhaust makes (ie. air filter, etc). Just because you have an older bike, dont think we dont want your clips... send them in.

Alright, the address:

Send all submissions to [email protected].

What do you get?

Unfortunately, nothing other than the fact that you are helping a website that will help many current and future motorcycle riders decisions a lot easier, grow.

Just doing some minor searching around this site and a few others, I already have about 180 clips to get me started. I want to grow much more than this. Help me out .
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