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I posted this on R6-forum. I like it alot. It is the Nelson Rigg MG-950. Some of this may repeat itself, but it was easier to cut and paste than retype it all.

Again, all the tankbags I found were way too big and hindered riding the twisties or mounted in some awkward way. So far this bag has met all needs. Things that I have had in it all at once...Spare Visor, Sony Digital Camera(707/not small),3 cell phones(part of job), multitool, wallet, another small digicam(Canon Elph), small bottle of water, 2 magazines.I am sure that I had a bit more, but I can not remember it all. I would expand it to store my gloves when off the bike. Expansion is not hige but definitely sufficient. This bag is not huge at all, but does its job well. I used it like above for a recent trip 2000+ mile trip...on mr R6. I will also be receiving an Oxford Sports Deluxe Tailbag on Tuesday for my trip from AZ to Sacramento then to Laguna Seca for Superbike races and then back. If I have time before I leave, I will post picks of that.

Here are the pics. Hope this helps. First 3 are bag moutned to bike not expanded. 4th pic is contents in bag not expanded. 5th pic is contents in bag expanded. Could probably get a little more in there, but I didn't want to stuff it too tight. Pics 6 and 7 are expanded bag on bike. The bag does function well and honestly does not look bad at all on the bike. These pics do not do it justice. I tried 3 marsee's before I got this. Best part is this one did not break the bank.

Cameras, 3 magazines, 1 map, 2 cell phones, 1 camera lense, 1 bottle of purell, 1 small bottle of mountain dew, 1 rag, 1 leatherman multitool, 1 tire guage, 1 pack of handwarmers, 1 pack of mint strips, 1 visor and bag, 1 carbon kickstand plate and bag, and 1 wallet.

With bag expanded, I added my Held gloves and Deal's Gap hat.

Hope that helps you out.
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