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Hello all, thanks for having me.
I recently purchased a 97 firebalde and found the tank had a leak. When I went to fix it I found... a bit more than a leak (pic attached). I found a hole and patched with a JB steel stick, did some body work and got her all painted up and now she's started leaking again.
Since there was so much damage, I’m wondering if there's a lot of thin metal or cracks i couldn't find (inserted a light in the tank in a dark room) and the tank is a goner.
I've read other threads on this forum that say the 98-99 would fit as is and the 93-95 would fit with mounting modifications. i can't seem to find much of that on eBay or anywhere else. Does anyone know if the 00-02 will fit (air box clearance, frame angles)? The bolt pattern looks the same but there's a fuel pump that mounts under. There appears to be plenty of space under my tank so i don't think clearance for the pump would be an issue.
I've asked around the scrap yards near me and nobody has seen anything for the years. Anyone have a scrap yard near them with a tank they’d like to sell me?
Might a CBR600 tank of similar years fit?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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According to wikipedia, that model was a 96 to 99 series.
Boonstra parts has a second hand rashed one for a 98-99. has a brand new one ready to ship.
There's a few on Ebay.
Check the salvage yards here in the Los Angeles area.
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