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I found out about these carbs about 1980 in a book by Jan Speed about hopping up Datsun 1200 engines. They years later I found a small one and put it on a Diahatsu it was great more power less rowing through gears a used less fuel probably because not rowing though gears.

Now I have fitted 4 to cars always with success, so why not a bike.

It's a Fish carburettor Designed late 1920s and my best interpretation of what it really is,
is a ram tube with a throttle plate near the top and with the metering block on the side and holes both sides of the throttle shaft, which,
1. Takes account Map (manifold vacuum) and atmospheric pressure and throttle position.
2. Via the metering block allows atmospheric pressure to push a metered amount off fuel from the float bowl out the holes in the throttle shaft.

My bike a SV650 removed the 2 stock 39mm cv carbs and made my own single carb manifold and fitted a 1.65" fish carb the air filter is 400cfm but being replaced buy a custom air box yet to be completed.

No ventury and flow crazy cfm
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