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I hate when cages go over the double yellow.

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Collision kills 2 motorcyclists on bridge
Wednesday, July 28, 2004 Posted: 9:00 AM EDT (1300 GMT)

MARATHON, Florida (AP) -- A couple motorcycling on the longest bridge in the Florida Keys were killed Tuesday when a vehicle struck them, throwing the woman off the bridge and into the water.

The couple's three adult children, who were traveling in a vehicle behind them, witnessed the crash, officials said.

Juan Villarreal-Garza, 50, of Mexico, was killed on the bridge, officials said. His wife, Teresita De Jesus-Segovia, 50, was thrown off the bridge, which is an estimated 30 feet high at that point. She was picked up by boaters, but later died at a hospital, officials said.

No one else was hurt in the accident that occurred when a truck swerved around a car stopped in traffic and hit the couple's motorcycle head-on.

The Seven Mile Bridge is the longest bridge in the Keys Overseas Highway linking the island chain to the mainland.
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OMG! how awful would it be to see your parents or any one you know get hit?!

RIP... :(
i see cars cut corners and cross the double-yellow all the time. it makes my blood boil everytime i see it.

lazy ass cagers...stay in your lane.

along the same lines as what happened in the crash...i see people go around cars and get into the other lane all the time too. if something is blocking your lane you must wait for it to get out of your lane. my lane is free of obstruction i'm going...stay out of my lane and wait for the obstruction to get out of your way.

how aweful that their children witnessed the entire thing. :(
that is terrible. it makes me sooo mad when i hear of cars doing shit like that. They probably have done that 20 times before that and everything was fine untill this time when he took two people lives, in front of their children, just because he was in a hurry. If some had killed my parents in front of me i would have thrown them off of that bridge.
that is a sad story, the driving system in america needs to be revamped. people seem to think driving is right rather than a privalege.
i was in missouri a few years back for vacation with family in some real small town. (fayette sounds familiar, but cant remember). anyways, we come around this turn and here comes a semi trailiering a double-wide trailer home...taking up BOTH lanes. its hauling ass towards us and the streets are already narrow as it is. so we pull off into this deep ass ditch on the side of the road (our truck only had probably 2 feet left on the road), and when the semi passed, it was inches from our side mirror. how in the hell the driver was goin that fast through a twisty road knowing damn well he takes up both lanes is beyond me
japbike said:
OMG! how awful would it be to see your parents or any one you know get hit?!

RIP... :(
just happened to a guy i have known since i was like 7 who lived about 100yards from me, i didn't see it but he had 3 cars full of friends behind him on his new gsxr750, lost it in a turn somehow (i still don't know how) and his body hit a 2ftx2ft brick light post in someone's driveway killing him instantly

it's very sad since he was a friend and all but i predicted it long ago when he started too fast too soon.
The car driver will probably try to blame this on the motorcyclist, and the driver will probably get off with a light sentence involving no jail time.
Every single ride I take involving twisties involves meeting at least one car on my side of the road. It's just something you have to consider while riding.
Everytime I ride in a section of twisties there's always sone guy in a huge truck that doesn't blink and cuts way over the yellows, but I guess we riders of sportbikes are the dangerous ones, right? RIP
messed up

i was just talking to a guy at a gas station. he was telling me about this...

a couple weeks ago a drunk driver pulled out going the wrong way on a 4 lane split highway (two going each way, split with a large median, so you cant even see the other two lanes most of the time). thought he was traveling in the right hand lane, while he was really traveling the wrong way in the left hand lane. a tractor trailer truck passed him flashing his lights and honking his horn, then about 8 miles down the road he hit a car dead on at about 60 mph around a curve. killed the oncoming driver, dont know if he had passengers, and im pretty sure the drunk lived through it.

it makes you think though, youd never expect to just be driving down the road and all of a sudden there be a car driving in your lane right at you.
Well, since the law provides no equal repercussions why not just drive around killing people? Apparently murdering with cars is okay because they didn't see you or didn't mean to do it, though an accidental shooting would find very different penalties. There's a simple way to cut down on fatalities but nobody cares enough to do it.
Anyone know what happened to the driver, penalty wise? Did he get jail time? Slap on the wrist? Stories like this piss me off to no end...
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