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I hate cagers (sometimes bicyclists too) even when I'm one

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So on Saturday I’m sitting in my X5 at a light and I see this ‘yota coming up on me hauling a$$. He does a last minute stop and just falls short of hitting me after he nose dives. For two seconds I am relieved. Then Thump! He hits me. Luckily just my hitch. I gave him the usual “What the F*ck?” He says, “Sorry, my foot slipped”. I was steamed, but I let it go after an hour or so.

Yesterday on lunch I stop at a gas station and get a soda. I get in my truck and some jackarse rides up on his bicycle.He decides to carry it up close to the building, but he has to have the front tire pointing toward the door so he looks cool. He picks the bike up, spins it around and hits my truck. I give him the polite “What the F*ck?”. He displays his rotted out mouth as he smiles and laughs. Again, steamed but I let it go after a few hours.

Today on lunch I am relaxing at a restaurant eating sushi outside next to my X5. I see the truck jolt. I look at the front and see a bich in an accord trying to parallel park, and not succeeding. I walk up to see the damage to my ride. We make eye contact through her rearview mirror I gave her my usual “What the F*ck?” and she speeds off. It is only a scuff, but I am so pi$$ed right now!!!! I just need to kill someone.

I usually ride my ZX-10R except when I have to dress for a mtg. I'm glad I haven't crossed paths with any of these people when I've been on the bike.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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There was no damage to speak of, so I weighed out the prison time of what I wanted to do with the time to buff out a little scuff. When I had a ratty looking car, nobody bumped it.
I believe it was target fixation-LOL.

Anyway, the plate on that ladies car was Florida tag, "NOTTALL". Silver Honda Accord. I'm gonna let it go. Tomorrow I will be on my bike, so I hope this string of "luck" has ended.
Krazy Hawaiian said:
Ha Im half Irish :D

I once had a ricer in a 4 door grocery getter with fart can tailgating me in my truck. I fakeyed his ass into a frikken stretch lincon limo :lol

The Limo in front of me was slowing to turn into a driveway... I kept my speed to the last instant before swerving around the limo that was blocking the lane at a near dead stop.... fooking dipshit ricer was so close to me he couldnt see to stop or avoid the limo... all I heard was SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH WHAMMMM LMFAO :eek:nfloor
Man, that's a little messed up. The ricer might of had it coming, but I hope nobody was in the back of the limo.
Yep, I can't wait until all that ricer crap goes away. They're all over Orlando too. There are a few that have done jobs on there cars and even fewer that are fast. But, I prefer 2-wheels for performance myself. :rolleyes
cbrnm said:
American society in general are becoming tired of SUVs or in your case SAV.
Perhaps, people are out to get you? Learn how to spell bitch. :squid
Thanks for the spelling correction, though you may not have noticed that I don't usually type out swear words on forums. My respect for those that don't care to read it. I don't care if anyone is tired of the vehicle I drive. So, please understand this: :upyours
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