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I hate cagers (sometimes bicyclists too) even when I'm one

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So on Saturday I’m sitting in my X5 at a light and I see this ‘yota coming up on me hauling a$$. He does a last minute stop and just falls short of hitting me after he nose dives. For two seconds I am relieved. Then Thump! He hits me. Luckily just my hitch. I gave him the usual “What the F*ck?” He says, “Sorry, my foot slipped”. I was steamed, but I let it go after an hour or so.

Yesterday on lunch I stop at a gas station and get a soda. I get in my truck and some jackarse rides up on his bicycle.He decides to carry it up close to the building, but he has to have the front tire pointing toward the door so he looks cool. He picks the bike up, spins it around and hits my truck. I give him the polite “What the F*ck?”. He displays his rotted out mouth as he smiles and laughs. Again, steamed but I let it go after a few hours.

Today on lunch I am relaxing at a restaurant eating sushi outside next to my X5. I see the truck jolt. I look at the front and see a bich in an accord trying to parallel park, and not succeeding. I walk up to see the damage to my ride. We make eye contact through her rearview mirror I gave her my usual “What the F*ck?” and she speeds off. It is only a scuff, but I am so pi$$ed right now!!!! I just need to kill someone.

I usually ride my ZX-10R except when I have to dress for a mtg. I'm glad I haven't crossed paths with any of these people when I've been on the bike.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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You should have got her lic number. Call the cops and tell them she hit your car and fled. They will go arrest her ass for HIT AND RUN! It happened to my sister. She was backing out of a parking stall and her kid was acting up and she just grazed the fender lip of the car next to hers. It was so minor she didn't even realize she hit it. There was no visable damage to the car she bumped and a half inch long scuff on her fender.

The owner of the car saw her "get close" to his car and when she drove off he called the police gave her lic number and filed a report.

The cops went to her house looked at her car saw the scuff and knocked on the door. They didnt arrest her because there was no damage to the other car but the scuff was evidence enough to warrant a Hit and Run violation! If she left a note it would be no poblem...

She had to go to court and pay a $200 fine and got points on her lic!

As to morons running into you... LOL My Z-71 Chevy must be invisable or have a big magnet in the rear bumper.... its been hit at least 8 times! The funny part is it has only a few scrapes a small dent in the tailgate and I had to loosen the bumper and jack it up retighten it.

It has TOTALED 4 of the cars that hit it! BIG cars. A Full Size Chevy C30 Van nailed me at a light when the person in front of me stalled out after we started to go. I slammed on the brakes o avoid hitting the chick in the civic and the dumbass in the van on his cell phone hit the gas and slammed into me!

It fuxored that van up big time! Broke the windshield shoved the front end back so the door wouldnt open the whole grill both headlights and radiator went into the fan!

I calmly got out looked at my truck saw it was barely scratched and laffed my ass off! :lol

Got his insurance info and drove off cracking up! Got $1200 for the "damage" the insurance wanted to replace the bumper, tailgate, decals and the plastic top on the bumper. (the adjuster was a friend of the family :) )

Another time a woman in a Nissan Stanza said her foot slipped and she rammed into the back of the truck.... not a good idea. Buckled her hood, took out the lights, radiator AC condensor and crumpled both fenders in :D Chevy? No Damage! I didnt even stop.. I looked back smirked and drove off. Thats when I saw how mangled her car was :lol

You dont want to hit a Chevy 4x4 that has the trailer towing package (the rear bumper is basicly a huge steel I beam with a chrome cover.
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crx81 said:
Man, you've been having some bad luck! Sorry to hear about that.
You handled them much better than I would have! The first guy would have been fine, because he was apologetic, but the second two wouldn't have gotten off with laughing about it or fleeing. I would have thrashed that guys bike and chased down that lady to get her tag number at least. Then again, I tend to be short tempered. :eek:nfloor

Ha Im half Irish :D

I once had a ricer in a 4 door grocery getter with fart can tailgating me in my truck. I fakeyed his ass into a frikken stretch lincon limo :lol

The Limo in front of me was slowing to turn into a driveway... I kept my speed to the last instant before swerving around the limo that was blocking the lane at a near dead stop.... fooking dipshit ricer was so close to me he couldnt see to stop or avoid the limo... all I heard was SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH WHAMMMM LMFAO :eek:nfloor
windsor said:
Man, that's a little messed up. The ricer might of had it coming, but I hope nobody was in the back of the limo.

Maybe so... but the highway isn't a playground. These asshats are killing about 5 people or more each month :eek:

I doubt if they even spilled the champagne in the limo... there built like tanks plus the moron was prolly going maybe 20 - 30 when he hit (35mph zone I was doin 45) the fookin ricer was like 10 feet off my bumper and had been tailing me for a long ways, I brake checked him at least 5 times hoping he'd slam into the back bumper :lol

Generally one good brake check is all it takes to unsettle most tailgaters...
^^^ shit over here its a friggen circus... we got a head start on the rest of the country because of Japan. A month or 2 back one lost it on the freeway overpass bounced off both sides of the dividers then shot over the railing breaking the car in 2 landing in a gas station 40 feet on the edge of a huge shopping mall!

The station attendent said he could hear a roar like a jet then screeching and a loud crash then more screeching another crash screeching then a final crash and quiet.... he looked out in time to see the pieces of the car dropping out of the sky landing in the pump alley sliding into the cashiers office! dam lucky no one else was killed but the driver and passenger.

Before that another pair of them racing took out a family of 5 one of the jerks lived somehow... there all young kids that dont have a clue how to drive much less at speed.... they drive like there in a freakin video game! :eek:
^^you prolly got em on yer bike... :eek:nfloor
^^^^ Dood careful. Yer in the shark pit and have meatsauce smeared all over you.... :3eek

:popcorn :beer


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