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last weekend was my first time at buttonwillow and i had a blast. its a great track.

saturday i went out on old tires running slooow. suspension was kind of funky too. end of saturday the suspension was perfect and i learned the track pretty well and dropped 6 seconds. sunday morning i went out with a brand new set of tires and a nice track, not too hot and not to cold (although it was probably already 85 by that time) and ran 6 seconds below what i did on saturday, a 2:06.xx

race: well i started last at thunderhill (also my first time at that track) and finished 14th!(contrary to what i orignally belived...i received the race results in the mail late last week) so at buttonwillow i started 17th and finished 6th and 1st in the novice. i was the only yellow plate in the top 10! i was running 2:05.xx after i got by a guy that was holding me up which let 5th place get away, but i had a great time...and for only my second race ever.

i was still off race pace...but the leaders have built tzr-250's which have at least 20 more hp than my little ol' stock, 60hp aprilia. :)
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