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Hi, the headlights both main and high beam on my second-hand GT650S are crap. The light outputs are really weak. The previous owner installed an HID kit. I replaced the bulbs and still the same. Thought maybe something wrong with the HID kit.
So I've recently installed a new XENON HID CONVERTER KIT + 6000K = BRIGHT WHITE HEADLIGHT BULBS and two completely new wiring harnasses with relays for both the main and high beam lights. Also dismantled the existing light housing and cleaned the lenses and reflectors (had soot/dust over lenses). But still the headlights are very inadequate. I haven't got a clue as to why the lights appear so weak compared to the stock lights on the previous 2009 Hyo GT250 (which weren't great but OK) and to my other bike, an MV Agusta Brutale 910S (which are great).

Any ideas much appreciated, cheers Claudio :bangdesk
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