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Hi, i'm a newbie on this forum. I bought a secondhand GT650 Comet (semi-naked bike with some fairing around instrument display/lights). This model has the vertically-mounted individual lenses for the main and high beams (see attachment).

The previous owner had installed HID lights. The light from the main beam was passable but not great and the high beam all but useless. I replaced the globes but didn't make any difference. I bought a new HID with ballasts kit and installed it but still little if any difference. I installed a new battery last week.

When looking at the lenses from the front they appear opaque. As does the 'plexiglass' over the front of the lenses. I'd like to open the lights unit to clean the lenses & plexiglass but can't figure out how to do this. There doesn't appear to be any mounting screws to secure the back plastic cover to the plexiglass front. Any ideas much appreciated, cheers Claudio


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