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I have a bunch of flashlights that are for sale. These are all brand new lights, but boxes may show some wear (from handling). All flashlights prices are cheaper than you will find anywhere else. No trades at this time. If you need pictures or more info on any, PM me with which one you are interested in and I will send you a couple and info. Heres the list:

3 Streamlight Ultra Stingers - $75 each
2 Streamlight SL-20X LED - $75 each
2 Streamlight Stinger XT HP - $70 each
Streamlight Stinger LED - $70
Streamlight Stinger DS LED - $75
Streamlight Strion - $100
Streamlight Poly Stinger - $100
Surefire 10x Dominator - $225
Phoebus Explorer III - $200
Phoebus Explorer II - $270
Phoebus Explorer I - $240

Once again, all flashlights are brand new and I need to get rid of them. Prices are firm because they are set well below any other price out there!!!
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