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a guy named ROK put directions up on how to do the headlight mod w/ a relay so when u turned on the high beam, the low beam filament turned off. DOes anyone know how to do it or have any directions on how to doit??


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Heres an overview

Not all of the old posts were saved, or I wouldnt be writing this out again. But anyway here it goes.

Pic #1: Just showing off my ride and my lovely garage.
Pic #2: This was my test setup to figure out how I was gonna do it.
Pic #3: Pin breakdown -
30 - green switched 12v from factory relay
85 - ground from factory harness
86 - yellow from highbeam switch to activate relay
87a - new wire to low beam of dual filament bulb
87 - yellow/black to high beam of dual filament bulb
Pic #4: This is where I mounted the relay when i was finished.

Just a few notes - I stripped some insualtion from the green and black wires from the factory harness, to solder in my wires to the new relay. I just unplugged the yellow wire and the yellow/black from the factory harnesses and made connections to the ends of those wires. I put dielectric grease all over the connections and heatshrink tube over that. I think thats it.

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