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How much $$$ for paiting fairings

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So i wiped out not too long ago on a turn so my lower right fairing and the small insert needs to be fixed up and repainted. I can do all the fixing and prep work but I was wondering how much do you think it would cost to paint lower right, small right insert and tank painted black. Anyone has any ideas?
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I painted my entire bike after I wrecked. It took a few weeks since I had so many pieces.

You'll be spending at least 200 dollars. Quality paint is not cheap. It needs to be primed, color matched, reduced, and applied in several layers, wetsanded, and then a few clear coats need to be put on top.

Since its just one piece, you should consider doing it yourself. I've seen some great spray can jobs, and unless your fussy about your bike, you shoudl be able to do a good enough job to look good at 10/10. 10feet away at 10 mph.

Im fortunate enough to have an air compressor, so all the hard work was getting it prepped.

Here is a pic of my paint job. It still needs to be compounded and buffed to bring out the shine. Im just showing you this because if "I" of all people can paint my entire bike, you can knock out a littel side fairing.

It used to be blue.
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Many things can effect price. What brand of paint(HOK is up to $100+ a gallon), prep time (some shops will not let you prep, voids their warrenty), color, and color matching are some examples. I agree with $200+ A local shop wanted $300 just to shoot the tailgate on my Toyota after I preped it.

Don't use engine paint. My neighbor found green that was close to his Ninja and tried it. Came off rather quickly. Most engine paint has to be baked to cure. has some factory colors in spray bombs. Prep work is the key to a good paint job. Take your time and you should be able to do it yourself. Might not be perfect but what the hell. You just saved $200.
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