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What Kind of "MINI" Do You Own/Ride?

  • X1, X2, SUPERBIKE, etc..

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How Many People Own Mini Motorcycles?

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How many people own or ride any of these YSR's, "Mini-Motorcycles" or "Pocketbikes"?

What about being able to ride/race them?

Locations to ride/race them?

What about have youth access to learn/compete on these?

Input Please!
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I don't have one but I'm looking in to getting one !!

Maybe you can PM him so he post his review here. I hope that helped
Ca$h said:

Maybe you can PM him so he post his review here. I hope that helped

That was a constructive answer.

My brother and I together have 2 YSR 50's. One we are putting a w/c CR80 motor in it.
A buddy of mine just bought 2 of the cheap ones off of Ebay. He got two bikes shipped to his door for under $500. I went over to his house Saturday and rode one around a bit. Kinda sucked because it was showering off and on so the streets and sidewalks were all wet. They seem like decent bikes for the price. I'm sure the more expensive ones have their advantages, but for what we would use them for, the cheaper the better. I'll probably end up with one after a while.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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