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How many people have you had sex with? And do you or would you ever 'modify' your answer for any reason?

The reason im asking;
A while back I told my GF that I was still a virgin (she has since fixed that problem), while we were having that conversation she told me that she had been with 'x' number of people. Since I was on number ZERO maybe she felt the need to change her number a little bit.. A couple of nights ago we were talking about some things, and she was saying something about how she sometimes wished that she had only been with me or had not been with as many people as she had. Sooo were talking and I asked, well have you ever been with anyone that you just didnt know, like a bar hookup, first date whatever. I had asked her a similar question a while back but that was on one of our first dates and I think she sort of evaded the question. Anyways she said something about the 3 date rule.. and I was like whats that have to do with anything. If you have had sex with someone you have had sex with someone right? First date, 6th month whatever sex is sex isnt it? So after a minute of prodding her answer changed, honestly I dont really care but im wondering if I should. Im just suprised that she felt the need to lie about it.
1 - 1 of 107 Posts
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