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You do not need to touch the chain tensioners at all. Take the rear axle nut off, take the axle out, take the chain off the sprocket and drop the rear wheel out. No need to remove the rear caliper either. You may have to remove it from the slide on the inside of the swing arm, but no where else. Putting the rear wheel on is easy also. Just slide the wheel in the swingarm, put the chain on, lift the wheel into the rear brake caliper and put the axle thru. Remember the spacers.

If you are having to adjust the tensioners then your chain is entirely too tight for the race track and street riding. Remember you want a looser chain to let the rear suspension work to its fullest. I see many guys when I am working tech that have the chain with little to no freeplay. A tight chain is not good at all. It also causes excessive stress to the counter shaft.

And remember when you take your rear wheel to the Dunlop or Pirelli guy (or whatever tires you use), pull the cush drive out. The rubbers can stay, at least in mine they dont fall out.

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