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Its not hard at all, once you get used to it, you will be able to do both wheels in about 10 min.

The front tire is the easiest. depending on the bike, first take of your brake calipers(2 bolts each), then crack loose the main front axle bolt a bit, then loosen the 12mm bolts on the front of the forks( 2 on each fork right below the axle), then finish unscrewing the front axle bolt, hold the tire up with one hand, and pull the axle out.... your done with the front.

the back can be a bit tricky, but once you get used to it its not that bad. First crack the rear axle bolt loose, then back of the chain tensioning bolts. Take off the the rear bake calliper ( you can leave it on, but I think its a bit more easy to get the tire back on without the caliper in the way ). Unscrew and pull out the rear axle, push the tire towards the back of the swing arm and take the chain off. Thats it.

Also, be careful when removing the tires for any spacers, notice where they are so if they fall out you know where to put them back. When you put the rear tire back on start by putting the cain back on and try to get it as even in slack from the top-bottom as possible. When you get the rear axle back on, tighten the chain tension bolts up as even as you can for about 1" of slack. Then sit behind the rear tire and spin the tire and watch the chain on the sprocket. If it is not staying centered on the sprocket and pulling over to one side, tighten or loosen the corresponding chain tension bolt till it is riding centered on the sprocket.

Good luck
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