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I went +2 in the rear (from 47 to 49) on my YZF. Not a huge difference in the numbers game, the ratio wasn't dramatically upgraded.
But it was a mod that I felt everywhere it counted. Especially off stoplights. MUCH less dragging the clutch or lost rev. Just an all around more authoritive get up and go feel.
For longer rides it's still reasonable for revs at highway speeds. Makes passing a car easier now that I don't have to tap dance on the shifter to get some pulling power.
I'm putting on a -1 front to go with it. This may cause longer flatland rides a bit excessive in teh rev dept. And my gas consumption will go up, but for in town and in the twisties, I expect only good things.

Remember that most bikes are geared so small to achieve that almighty top speed rating for the spec sheet racers. With the exception of very potent bikes like the ZX-10 or torquey bikes like the twins, almost any sport bike will benefit around town with a good regearing.
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