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How big is out fuel tank?

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I couldn't find that info in the manual :dunno This morning I had to switch to Reserve, while I was on a highway, and when I got to the gas station, I put in 3.5 gallons. Does that sound about right?

What's the average MPG, that I should expect from a full tank, before I go to Reserve?
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Kawasaki's Specifications page says that it holds 4.8 gallons, however I would like to know how many gallons the reserve tank holds. Becuase, I need to be able to judge how long I have, on the reserve tank, before I need to get gas.
The reserve tank is 0.8 gallons (I'm pretty sure). I get to about 180 miles before hitting reserve... your mileage may vary.

Somehow, though, I'm never quite able to add 4.0 gallons to the tank just after hitting reserve. I think the tank might be able to hold 4.8 gallons, but it's not possible to fill it all the way up (gas comes pouring out of the vent hose if you fill up the tank too high).
The 88-93's should hold 4.2 (main) and I guess as you stated the 94+ hold 4.8 gallons.

i get about 200 miles in my 2004 ninja 500 before i need reserve
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