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f4irdr said:
I'm sooooo tired of this chick

+10,000.......... she is cute, dont get me wrong, but you would think that if your going to pay that much money for a boob job, you would get a decent one! don't try to tell me they arent fake, I know and talk to ppl that know her, and her boobage is fake! Think me jealous?? NOT!

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S2H said:
Then don't click on the thread!!! Didn't anyone ever tell you, If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

I think it's so funny people are compelled to comment in a thread clearly titled something they obviously don't like.

So if you don't like it.....don't click on it. Man, what a concept.

Gov :lol
21 - 39 of 39 Posts
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