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hotels in/or around the Zoo

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Ok, it's been a while since I have visited the Wauwatosa area and I know it has changed quite a bit since I graduated. Well, my 20yr high school reunion is coming up and I'm looking for a decent, but not too expensive place to stay.
I googled hotels around the zoo and there doesn't seem to be too many choices. I know there is a days inn across 94 on hwy 100, but from what I've read it seems to be a little on the "rough" side.
I'm leaning towards staying in Brookfield, if I do indeed go to the reunion, which is Sept 12th.

Any ideas, thoughts or opions please let me know. :cheers
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there's a raddison on mayfair (hwy 100) and north, a few shady looking motels on bluemound west of hwy 100, and there's a new place called innovation i think on watertown plank rd and hwy 100.
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