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2009 ASMA #3
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Honda Hawk GT650

Rebuilt motor, 0 miles
Jet kit, K&N filter, Supertrapp pipe
Racetech forks
Vortex Clip ons, CFM rear sets

Spare wheels w/rotor
1 set Pirelli street tires
1 new pirelli race rear
1 set pirelli race mounted w/ life left in them

All spare parts to make street legal except speedometer.

Call (915) 256-5238. El Paso, TX. Pics available on request.

Combat Marshmellow
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:bitchslap guess you don't understand what "Local" means....
you're in El Paso, TX there Einstein this is Arizona.......

:eek:nfloor just messing with ya....
doesn't the hawk have more hp than your R-None :urowned
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