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honda hurricane trackday racebike cbr 600
Vehicle Description

hionda hurricane cbr600 f trackday package. this bike is ready to go and in good shape. the bike has been down once as long as I have had it, but no damage other than untidy bodywork. This bike has a stock 600cc engine, flatsides carbs, widened rear wheel, new chain and sprocket, new tyres (still have chicken strips), fiberglass body work, spa tacho/temp ($400 retail), and comes with loads of spares including: spare engines, 2 frames, 4 gas tanks (dented except one), lots of plactic bodywork in various forms, swingarms, brake components, wheels, cables, wiring harness, street stuff inclufding instrument clusrters, mirrors etc. basically boxes of parts. no title, mileage on current engine unknown.

I am in Indianapolis, and strongly advise any prospective buyer to come look at what i got, as the first to see this massive amount of spares will buy. if you want to get on the track, this is the ultimate start-up package as you have enough spares to build another bike!

you can see it here

please drop me a line if you have any questions!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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