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“That’s how far we’ve come in ten years. Now we even have the American Psychiatric Association running scared.”
So is Snuffles.

Copy & paste drivel from the "Conservative Colloquium - An Intellectual Forum for All Things Conservative". Why am I not suprised?

Only intellectually devoid sheep paste reams of crap like this and believe it means anything other than "I have no rebuttal so here's all this garbage I copied from rightwanker hacks".

Do you really think this makes you look "smart"? :eek:nfloor

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Every person who is QUOTED in the article got booed? Post your proof.
kewl, so it was him...I love this exchange...and I'm sure it'll feel a wee bit familar to you too

My recollections are not perfect, of course, but Nate Gunderson should be able to help me fill in the details. The exchange is roughly as follows.

“So, you’re the infamous Ryan Sorba,” I said.


“You’ve made quite a name for yourself.”

“Haha, yeah. Where are you from?”

“I go to college around here, American University.”

“What are you studying?”

“I was double-majoring in Political Science with a political theory focus and International Relations with an Islamic Studies focus, but I think I’m going to drop the latter. I can’t take the relativistic preaching, the whitewashing of the burqa, Sayyid Qutb, the entire religion.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. So what did you think of my little tirade, then?”

“Oh, I thought it was quite evil, actually. I’m gay.”

“You mean you think you’re gay.”

“No, I’m gay. Do you think it’s a choice?”

“I think it’s the result of a complex process of social and environmental factors, but that it’s reversible.”

“So, like, why is it that over one hundred animals have been observed engaging in homosexual sex in nature?”

“Well, only 0.2% of animals are known to do that — ”

” — I mean, mammals, obviously, not ants, birds — ”

” — you know, animals masturbate, your dog humps your leg. Does your dog talk with a lisp?”

“Do I talk with a lisp?!” I yelled.

“A little bit.” (I later asked a couple of gay friends if I have a small lisp; both of them said I have no lisp whatsoever. Aron, who is straight, has said my voice is sometimes theatrical, but that I don’t have a lisp.)

“Rudy Giuliani has a lisp — is he gay?”

And then he went off on what he affectionately called “his tirade” — giving the same mangled pseudo-Aristotelian spiel about how natural rights have to be grounded in natural law, meaning substance, and the final result of the reproductive organ must be a reproductive act, and all of that.

“Yeah, yeah, I get your argument, I understand it, ” I tried to interrupt, But he said that I didn’t, and he finished.

“But the vast majority of married couples partake in sodomy — oral sex, anal sex, fetishes. Hasn’t your girlfriend ever given you a blowjob? I think the government should just get out of the whole marriage business!”

Everyone around us agreed with that statement. Sensing some momentum, I went on: “I’m the one who says that my values shouldn’t have anything to do with government. It’s you who wants to impose his own biases upon the rest of the world!”

Nate Gunderson pondered why it was such a burning issue for Ryan.

“Because conservatives should not be upholding groups who support homosexual marriage and sodomy.”

I said something I don’t quite recall, and he mentioned something about how he could “take me on” physically if he needed to, to which I mentioned that his quick resort to force and threats said a lot about his political philosophy.

He said at around this point that he needed to go, and put out his hand to say goodbye. I stared at him, refusing to shake his hand, and he said “Well, I don’t really want to shake your hand, you’re intrinsically evil.”

We all started walking away, with him talking to his girlfriend, and me talking to Nate, blasting Sorba more.

Someone who was with him asked Sorba: “Really, though, he had a point: why do you care about this so much when the economy is in shambles and the debt is growing and spending is out of control?”

“Because it corrupts the youth and the culture,” he replied.

When we reached the area near the escalator downstairs, he turned on his camera. I put out my arms, striking a mocking pose, but realized he kept holding the camera at me.

“Wait, are you recording or taking a picture?” He was recording.

“Ah! OK…Well, I’d like to say, then, that the person behind the camera is a Hitler Youth waiting for a fuhrer to sweep him off his feet into a grand national project so he can sacrifice individuals like stock-fodder to his own biases.”

He turned off the camera and approached me. I told him he should get his girlfriend to give him a blowjob so that he could experience the joys of sodomy. He put two of his fingers an inch from my face and said that he’d want to fight me if a girl wasn’t around. “Ah, the use of force!” I said again.
It essentially ended, there.
“Well, I Don’t Really Want To Shake Your Hand, You’re Intrinsically Evil.” - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

The cake is a lie
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You would have to read the article. Slightly more than half voted to remove it from the list of disorders.
You would have to read the article. It should be noted that the number of “Yes” (5,854) made up only 32.7 percent of the total membership of the APA.

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It turns out that while APA acted to remove homosexuality from its compendium of psychiatric illnesses in 1973—a decision backed by all major medical and mental health organizations... American Psychological Association Executive Director Gwendolyn Keita, Ph.D., also sent Winkenwerder a letter citing APA's removal of homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, urging a need to remove “the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated with homosexual orientation.” . Pentagon Does About Face On Classifying Homosexuality — Psychiatric News

see also: Homosexuality and Mental Health

I am not going to bore everyone with the long article, but these more reputable sources seem to paint a little different picture than those that you seem to fall back on, such as "conservipeda" and the conservative colloquiam. Bottom line is that the APA changed it due to empirical evidence and not social pressure.
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