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Discussion Starter · #1 ·'re all invited to a couple of events in my hometown. I know most of you watch Monster Garage and Junkyard's your chance to come up with the same type of stuff. The first event is put on by the local Lyons club. It's a Lawnmower Tractor Pull. I've heard rumors of guys with Motorcycle engines on custom-built chassis, but haven't seen anything yet. Suffice to say that it's gonna get ugly. The City of Carbondale is 10 miles south of Heartland Park, Topeka on Topeka Boulevard, or 42 miles West of Gardner/Olathe on 56 Hwy. The Lawmower pull is on July the 18th.

The other event I'm in charge of, and this is our second year of doing it. it costs must less to build than a pull, and is free to enter (not sure about registration fees at the lawnmower pull). Here is the flyer for my Downhill Derby:
2nd Annual Carbondale Funfest
September 18th, 2004, 10:30am.. In front of Caseys on Main St.

Dig out your non-working Lawnmower, Go-Cart, Golf Cart or Custom Build! The 2nd Annual Adult Downhill Derby will be held during the 2004 Carbondale Fun Fest. Double Elimination format with prizes for Fastest, Slowest, Best Custom Build and Ugliest Ride.

Build Rules:

• All drivers must wear a safety helmet that has a chin strap and a Snell/Dot approved foam insert.
• All vehicles must have working Steering. Steering must be by way of movement of both of the front wheels, and must be using SOLID components (no string, twine, composite, tape, zip-ties).
• All vehicles must have working Brakes. Brakes must be applied to both rear wheels simultaneously, and must be using SOLID components.
• The vehicle must have four wheels, with rubber tires in contact with the ground at all times.
• The vehicle overall width, height, length cannot exceed more than 4” in any direction from 72” wide, 52” Height, 75” Length.
• The vehicle must be able to be picked up, one end at a time, by any other participant. IF the vehicle appears to be “overweight”, another participant will be selected to attempt to pick up the vehicle. If that participant cannot be picked up, another participant will be selected to attempt to pick up the ends of the vehicle as well. If both participants fail to pick the ends up, the vehicle will need to lose weight until the participants can pick up the ends.
• The vehicles must have a ring on both ends of the vehicle for connecting a tow hook to. This ring needs to be of thick enough material to support the weight of pulling the vehicle up the hill. Minimum inside diameter of the tow ring is 1.5”.
• The vehicles wheels cannot be taller than the top of the highest point of the vehicle (56” overall diameter).
• All items on the vehicle must be secured to the vehicle chassi by welding, bolting, or solid-connection. No tape, zip-tie or string can be used to hold weights on. All items (weights) must be secured.

Racing Rules:

• All participants MUST wear helmets at all time during the race.
• The Start Line is the southern property line of Casey’s General Store on Main St. Carbondale, Ks.
• The Finish Line is at the bottom of Main Street hill, marked by a Yellow Line on the street.
• The STOP line is a Red line, approximately 100 ft beyond the Finish Line.
• Full rules will be given at drivers meeting before racing begins.

The second annual Adult Downhill Derby is open to participants 18 years and older. Participants under 18 will need to pre-register. Call 836-7733 for pre-registration.

Sign-in and tech inspection is at 10:00am at the property just WEST of Caseys General store.
Please contact Phil Gordon at (785) 836-7733 with any questions.

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ive had my share of ******** for awhile. :mad:
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