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deputy963 said:
I think it's awesome. A little crude for the intended purpose, but very neat. A metal tank, inert gas charging, and better ignition and that thing would rock. I don't see why he would get in trouble really. It's just fire, it's not an explosive (yet :) ) As long as he doesn't burn anything or piss his neighbors of he'll be OK. Great imagination!

Now about the site. That's pretty cool too. Here is their edit message:
Daniel fucked around with this message at Jun 27, 2004 around 05:39

So there is no law against this? Seems cool to me.
But I can see him lighting his pants leg on fire ...running down the street screaming as the gas nozzle flails behind him burning down houses and shrubbery as he passes. He looks like some character out of "The Governators" movie, The Running Man.
I was a major pyro in my youth as well. I had to go to the principals office in H.S. for burning up a fireant mound in the smoking area.
It looks like the old Army model flamethrower used on Guadalcanal. I'll look it up.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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