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Artistimo said:
I know the jump you're talking about, it's on Hogsback Road...same thing happened to me when I tried it the first time years ago! Now try going the other way, jump DOWN it, just make sure you remember to brake for the (and keep your weight on the back or you'll be landing head-first)

Can I come and bring my KTM? Any of you trying to follow me in a turn will die. lol Once the back end starts swinging around you won't know where to go! :headbang

Tip: Don't watch me... :alky
When I first read this, I wasn't sure if Rob was talking about the jump on Hogsback Road or another street in the area. I like taking that "jump" with a little bit of speed because it makes you feel like your weightless and or floating. Not to mention all of the areas on one side of that "jump" where the road is all rashed up from all of the cars taking it and then bottoming out.
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