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Excerpt from ClearwaterBiker...

Our first Night in our new home..

Please help us in making a simple and exciting transition to the new Sat night meet (for those that are unaware we are no longer welcome at "The Lot")
So, Clearwaterbiker and Clearwaterbikergirls joined forces with Red Bull to bring you..
Sat Night Bike Night at the Hog Fish Grill Gulf to Bay Clearwater 8pm to 2am every Saturday..

Come check out vendors

Psycho Cycles, Synergy Race Systems, Venom Sprockets also, Stuntrider Todd Colbert, and Godspeed Extreme..and of course Red Bull blowing up the spot handing out FREE Red Bull all night..

Moto GP and Stunt related Videos on the TV's all night...ClearwaterBiker Girls in the house all night!!! It's simply the kind of bike night we've always wanted..made for us by us..

Post up! who's coming?
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