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Hocking Hills

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Any of you guys near there? I'm heading over that way Labor Day weekend and wouldn't mind hooking up with some people to hit 555 and some of the other roads I keep hearing about. I'll head over Friday, ride Saturday and part of Sunday and come back Sunday night.
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where will you be staying at I'm just south of chillicothe. i'd be happy to ride but have back issues can only go 30-45 minute stretches. there will be alot of cruiser in the area too be cause of the easyrider rodeo in chilli that week end but i'd be happy to be a little bit of a tour guide. i know quit a few roads away from hocking hills also. hit me up on email [email protected]
hey no problem i was happy to be out..i hate to hear about your friend, but i think coming and having a good time was a good way to honor him, since it was something you both enjoyed. i was wondering if you could email me the pics you took my wife had our camera and i didn't think using my phone. but everyone had good time i talked to gary (the other fz6) he had a good time too. i ended up woth 430 miles by the time i got home :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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