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I noticed the Woman Riders Forum has an awful lot of "sticky" threads.
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well i'm not going to ask if you checked them out. from my perspective, i'll bet the sticky ones are the ones as male you won't be intertested in...

us on the other hand, hehehehe we are enjoying. :)
yes there are and what is your point?????
No point at all.. just noticing all the "stickyness"

Kinda like that 'room' in the back pr0n shop. That one I have no expereince being in of course.

So why aren't you posting up some pics instead of worrying what the floor feels like LOL :D

Don't be shy now.................... ;)
If posted pics it would ruin the image of the geeky small penised fugly aloof low self esteemed jackass that I tried so hard to maintain.

Plus I would have to find a camera that didn't make me look like either all the blood vessels in my face were trying to explode or I was a Ompa Lompa.
EricKC said:
I noticed the Woman Riders Forum has an awful lot of "sticky" threads.

we're sticky chicks.... :D
show us some skin EricKC
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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