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Hindle pipes?

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I have a factory 2-2 system with crappy restrictive mufflers. Well, I went to a Hindle 2-1 system with a round can. Now the bike is way louder and has much better low and mid-range...but it feels weak up top. It was originally lean after this, but the carbs have been readjusted...but it still feels hesitant up top. It will pull to redline, but it doesn't have the explosive power over 6000 rpms that it used to's just mushy and steady. It feels a little disappointing...

Just wondering if going from the 2-2 into a 2-1 with a larger pipe diameter might have somehow hurt my top-end, or if you just think the carbs still might not be set right?

It's bothering me a little and other situations haven't permitted me to take it out and really beat on it, but I hope to do that tomorrow. If I do, I'm going to test my top speed again to see how it's been affected, since stock, it would pull to 125 mph indicated and sit at 1000 rpms before the limiter. I almost think it might go down.

Anyways, any help or opinions on the system or what may be going on, feel free.
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