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highly recommended: practicing figure 8's in parking lot

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A couple weeks ago I found an empty parking lot in decent shape (not too many cracks, few sand patches) and practiced figure 8's for about an hour and a half. I did low-speed (<5mph) and higher speed (20+mph) turns.

Though I've been riding for three years, I've never learned the full potential of my bike since it's foolish to ride hard on the street. In that hour and a half I finally dragged the pegs and turned low-speed figure 8's at nearly-full lock. I'm a MUCH better rider now and take on ramps with full confidence, an improvement from my previous wobblyness.

For newbies interested in really learning how to ride, I highly recommend getting in some practice time accelerating, braking, and turning in an empty, well-maintained parking lot.
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I was in the parking lot doing em today. The only way Im getting the low speed 8's to work, is to look over my shoulder at where Im abt to turn,and come off the seat with a lil counterlean. It worked for me everytime,if I didnt, I started tipping.
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