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Hi guys & gals. I am a new member here on the forum. Just wanted to say great forum. Awesome reading material, great advice and insite of riders with years and years experince.

Bit about me, I am 22. got bitten by the two wheel bug on the dirt. . Ktm 250 2smoke and a Honda CRF 450. Last year I bought a honda cbr 250. Great bike to learn how to ride in traffic with and learn the basics ( counter steer, sliding, riding in traffic ect). I have put 7500 miles on it and rode as much as I could. I am ready to upgrade. I have learnt lots of skills like high speed corning, breaking, I can hang off on a good day( gone lowside learing to do so) and drive very defensive and always looking far ahead and ready to break at anytime and always anticpate possible senarios. I am looking at getting something around the 100hp range for 2014 season, and have a bike in mind.

Anyways, I enjoy being apart of the forum.

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