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Hi Guys and Gals! Wanna Go to Idyllwild?? RidersReview Meet September 12th

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O.K., so I got the Movie by Andre 3000 and Big boy confused with the location in Southern California..... So shoot me. The Rider's Review meet, if you have already picked up our magazine, will be in Idyllwild on the 12th. This is also on Saturday which contradicts my phone's opinion of wednesday (Don't ask).

If you would like to have a great ride with a group of fun people out to Idyllwild, meet us at the Starbucks off Mission Gorge @ 4262 Camino Del Rio North.... Just off the 8 freeway. We intend to leave by 7:30am that day so please don't be late.

There will be photographers for the magazine as well as the entire staff of the magazine, including myself, attending the event. This is a great chance to meet and greet with the people who make a Southern California motorcycle magazine come together. We will have all the juicy dirt on local stuff and the latest tips on local business deals and discounts. Worth the effort!
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Starbucks as a jumping off point for your rendezvous? If I've learned one thing from this board, it's that no matter your experience; Starbucks patronage on a sport bike constitutes unbridled squidism. Terrible form.
I, for one, am not interested in random strangers showing up at my house to go ride. But thank you to the Peanut gallery from Connecticut for your input.
But clogging up their car park with non customers so the squids can't get in well thats community service :)
The easiest thing to do on an online motorcycle forum is to call everyone you have never met a squid. I think knowing more about who I am, how long I have been riding, and the fact that I write for a motorcycle magazine would all be interesting bits of information to know before typing out the word and hitting send.

I have been riding motorcycles for 13 years, have owned 15 bikes (5 of which were sportbikes), I spent the last 3 years touring all of Southern California's race tracks and run competitive times for club racing, have been a correspondent for the magazine for the last 6 months, have custom built everything from cafe racers to tricked out street bikes, and I currently help to organize rides and events in San Diego. But it's much easier to just call me a squid than to read up. Thanks for checking out the post.
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