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Best movie, ever.

I love these kinds of movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Lots of very nice choreographed fight scenes and the cinematography is amazing. A movie with a bit of romance for the ladies and more than enough fight scenes for us guys.

The movie, starring Jet Li, is mainly a flashback before the climax nearer the end.

Subtitles are easy to follow for the average person.

Don't want to spoil the ending, but it could have been better IMO.

And I don't know why they say in the commercials that Quentin Tarintino has anything to do with it, the movie was made 2 years ago overseas, I guess he sponsored it or something for over here.

Definitely recommended.
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I'm in China...
FYI. Shaolin Soccer is the worst movie ever made...
Anyway Hero is obviously made for the People's Republic because the message is pure propoganda(much like many Hollywood films). The Emperor takes by force because he's really a benevolent type of guy who just wants the best for his peeps. Gimme a break. Anyone else see the parallel to real China? As for flying and mythical sword's about as real as expending 20,000 rounds at a few heroes hiding behind a sheetrock wall and not hitting them.
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